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Mental Health Problems In The Philippines

By: Ver Garcia & Teddy Cho

In Photo From L to R.:  Dra. Rhodora Andrea M. Concepcion, MD and company of the Philippine Psychiatric Association posed for posterity in the showing of an inspiring  film 'Finding Dory' with Dr. Ver Garcia, ND of the Bloggers Association of the Philippines..

The Natasha Goulbourn Foundation, the Philippines Psychiatric Association, Globe and Ayala Cinemas who sponsored the showing of 'Finding Dory' a film about the importance of a Family as a strong emotional support that can lead to fortitude, wisdom, understanding family solidarity and friendship that transcends boundaries.

Finding Dory with her newly found friends beneath the seabed.

A short film review of the film showed the audience the importance of inculcating good, positive, sound and fundamental values in rearing children while they are young as they grow old. The tendency for them to nurture these positive values in life as inculcated early on their lives. Many of the characters include Marlin, Nemo, Turtle Crush, Hank the unforgettable Octopus played ala Superman, the savior in the life of Dory. Without Octo I think.. escape of Dory in the Marine cage wont be possible. Other characters that is equally amusing are Destiny, a near sighted Whale Shark and Bailey with an exciting radar telephatic x-ray that could read minds and find where Dory is. These symbolizes the claims that the parents laid on the sea bed to guide her child back home with pearls as her guiding light in Finding Dory. Heed your parents advice and listen to them.. it will lead you to a right direction when you grow old.

The Philippines Mental Health Problems

With the rampant drug addiction in our country The Philippine Mental Health had become the missing link in arresting the widespread drug addiction, Substance abuse as well. in  the fight against Drug abuse it's the victim who suffers the consequences of drug addiction aftermath and that is Mental illness. With the Mental health Bill now in Congress and the Senate. The youths chances of returning to a productive life after being exposed to the evils of addiction should be the number one priority of the Government.

The Objective of the Bills As Follows:

1. Ensure a community  of Filipinos who are mentally able to contribute to the development of the country and attain a better quality of life through access to an integrated well planned, effectively organized and efficiently delivered mental health programs in equity to their physical needs.

2.Promote mental health  protection of the rights and freedoms of person with mental health needs  and the reduction of the burdens  and and consequences of mental and brain disorders and

3. Provide the direction for a coherent rational and unified response to the nation's mental health problems, concerns and effort.

Various patient and family, professional, para-professional, legal, media, governmental and non-governmental, local and international groups have been consulted and their inputs have been incorporated and continues to consult other groups to be able to come out with a bill that is reflective of the mental health needs of the country. Yet the passage of the bill remains elusive. The Philippines lags behind and ranks itself among the minority of the worlds community of nations without the mental health legislation despite being signatory to a number of international covenants upholding the mental health of their population. Indeed no less than the holy book exhorts us all to do no less as it states"speak up for those who can not speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute" (Proverbs 31:8).

The Philippine Psychiatric Association (PPA), an affiliate of the Philippine College of Physicians. in total now has 495 members and still growing. Many thanks to Dr. Rhodora Andrea Concepcion and the rest of the officers and staff of (PPA) without them the success of the film Finding Dory won't be possible. Kudos also  with Dr. Ed Tolentino, Jr., Dr. Fareda  Flores, Ayala Malls and Cinema, NGF, Globe and Hopeline a 24 hour prevention on suicide and emotional crisis.

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