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Acupuncture & Massage Clinic Operation The Easy Way
By: Ver M. Garcia

            In photo: Dr. Ronnie Royo, ND receives Parangal ng Bayan Award as outstanding  in the field of Acupuncture & Wellness. Held recently at the Music Museum. With him to award the trophy is Jake Navea, media personality and head of the awarding committee.. Photo by:  Ver M. Garcia

Are you in the health & wellness industry, owner of herbal products and planning to put your own clinic? If yes, then the Natural Health Foundation of the Philippines, a multi-awarded health provider, TESDA accredited and training institution will conduct seminar/workshops on ‘How to Learn Acupuncture and Spa & Massage Clinic Operation the Easy Way at Suite 402 Dona Amparo Bldg., in Tolentino St., Espana, Manila, near UST infront of BDO besides St. Agustine School of Nursing. Every  Monday, Wednesday & Friday. From 9am to 5pm.

                              The Science of Acupuncture and how it works..

Acupuncture is recommended to patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer or autoimmune diseases. It boost the body resistance to better tolerate the toxic agents by minimizing the side effects of the chemotherapy. Acupuncture is known to be effective for anemia. A hypertensive patient was able to decrease his anti-hypertensive medicine with only 6 or 10 sessions of acupuncture. Actual demonstration is included to make it more lively and interesting.

Those who are planning to put up their own health centers, Nurses, PT/OT's, Graduates of Medicine and still underboard, OFW’s, seamen, teachers, and those in the medical professions this course is for you.

The course itself is just like teaching the students one on one in the classroom.
Those interested to join may contact Ms. Rose Royo or Dr. Ronnie at 734-4093, 400-2362 or 0919-8857795 for enrollment details.
Dr. Ronnie Royo's Calling Card at your service. You are welcome.. Thanks

Here's our lowest price for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Training.. For details and reservations. We are offering group training package on a discounted rate on the above courses. Look for Dr. Ronnie A. Royo, ND, M.Sc.CAM.,CAc. Tel. +632-7344093, +639198857795, +639267348895. (VerGarciaBlogs) 

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