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National Year of RICE 2013
By: Juvy De Guzman

Did you know that November is the rice month? Yes, November is the National Rice Awareness Month. And since 2013 is also the National Year of Rice, there will be a number of activities to help us become RICEponsible that will help us to become healthy.
Last November 15 is the Brown Rice Day. All food service providers  restaurants, canteens and fast foods chains serve brown rice on the day and diners ate them as requested. It promotes better health among rice eaters (like yours truly) since brown rice is richer in protein, fiber, vitamin-B and E, Minerals and Antioxidants. It can help reduce the chance to have type two diabetes (T2DM), cancer and cardio -vascular diseases.

On November 22 is the rice mix day where all food service providers are encouraged to serve rice mixed with other staples in order to introduce to the public a healthier and more delicious rice option.

Last but not the least....November 24 is the nationwide (simultaneous) run for rice in U.P. Diliman, Manila oval... Venue for registration and other details on the aforementioned activities, please log on to..

Be a part of us and show that we, too are RICEponsible.(VerGarciaBlogs)

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